Cagliari (CAG) - Cagliari Elmas Airport







Cagliari (Italy) 🇮🇹 - EU 🇪🇺 - Population 0.15 million - € (Eurozone) - Schengen Area 


Distance (Airport to Cagliari city center) 
≈ 6 km (3.7 mi)




The railway station "Elmas Aeroporto" (it takes only 5 min to get there from the airport building).


Airport shuttle trains to Cagliari (Cagliari railway station)

Ticket price: ≈ EUR 1.30 (tickets can be purchased at ticket machines and ticket offices)

Duration: 6-8 min

Time frame: 6:42-23:04

Interval: 40-60 min




There are two bus stops outside the terminal building: one is located outside the arrivals area and indicated by a blue and white ARST sign; the other is situated outside the departures area and indicated by the word ‘Bus’ printed in yellow.


Buses going to ARST Bus Station, Busline 160 (Cagliari Port)

Ticket price: ≈ EUR 0.70

Duration: ≈ 20 min

Time frame: 8:40-23:30 (arrivals stop); 5:20-22:30 (departures stop)

Interval: ≈ 30 min